Rules of the Old Almondburians’ Society
In these Rules and in any by-laws, the masculine gender shall include the feminine and vice-versa and the singular number shall include the plural.

1. Name
The name of the organisation shall be 'The Old Almondburians' Society’ and in these Rules it is referred to as ‘the Society’.

2. Membership
There shall be two classes of membership: Ordinary membership and Honorary membership.
(i) Ordinary Membership shall be available to all former pupils and former permanent members of the teaching and ancillary staff of King James’s Grammar School and King James’s School in Almondbury (referred to in these rules as ‘the School’), who have completed an application for membership and who have paid the annual subscription provided for in Rule 4.
(ii) Honorary Membership shall be available to current permanent members of the School’s teaching and ancillary staff who wish to apply for Honorary Membership by completing an application form. Honorary Members shall not be eligible to vote at General Meetings of the Society but, they may appoint from among their number two persons who may, subject to Committee approval, be elected to serve on the Committee as representatives of the School and of the Honorary Members and who, upon such election, shall be regarded as Ordinary Members but shall be absolved from the payment of subscriptions.
(iii) Life Membership and Honorary Life Membership shall be a class of membership to be conferred by the Committee when they deem it to be warranted in circumstances that may arise.

3. Objects
a) to uphold the honour and status of the School.
b) to provide a means of contact between members, with one another and with the School, by holding events including an Annual Dinner and by producing magazines and other publications.
c) to provide assistance to the School including, where appropriate, the use of Society Funds to support projects approved by the Committee.

4. Subscription
An annual subscription shall be paid by all Ordinary Members (except as mentioned in Rule 2(ii)) in such amount as shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting and shall be due on the 1st September following. Membership shall lapse if the subscription is not paid before the 1st April thereafter.

5. Financial Year
The financial year shall end on the 31st August in every year.

6. President
The Head Teacher may, at the Committee’s discretion, be invited to be Honorary President of the Society. The President shall take the chair at the Annual General Meeting and be entitled to attend Committee Meetings, but without the right to vote.

7. Committee
The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Committee, the members of which shall be elected for one year by Ordinary Resolution at the Annual General Meeting (former members of the Committee being able to offer themselves for re-election). The Committee shall comprise:
a) Chairman, who shall preside at Committee Meetings and, in the absence of the President (see above), also at the Annual General Meeting.
b) Vice-Chairman, who shall act as the Chairman’s deputy and, subject to election, shall be willing to succeed to the office of Chairman when the current Chairman ceases to hold that office.
c) Honorary Secretary, who shall keep a record of all committee decisions, write up the Society’s minute book and deal with correspondence. He shall also maintain an attendance record at meetings, deal with press liaison and with the receipt and service of notices.
d) Honorary Treasurer, who shall keep proper records of finances and, at the Annual General Meeting, shall produce for adoption an independently examined statement of account and balance sheet. He, together with a duly authorised signatory, shall be responsible for verifying and signing all cheques and bank orders. He shall also deal with the Society’s bankers.
e) Newsletter Editor, who shall produce a regular magazine for members.
f) Vice-Presidents (see Rule 8).
g) Two Representatives of the School and of the Honorary Members, as provided for in Rule 2 (ii).
h) Not more than six Ordinary Committee Members.
i) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt.
The Committee may appoint from among their number representatives to fulfil various functions as considered necessary, including Membership Secretary and Social Secretary.

8. Vice-Presidents
Vice-Presidents shall comprise any past Presidents or Chairmen of the Society, or others appointed by the Committee, after due consideration and in recognition of services to the Society. They shall be entitled to attend Committee Meetings and to vote thereat. They shall hold office at the pleasure of the Committee, but without the need for annual re-election.

9. Chaplain
The Committee may appoint a Chaplain to the Society.

10. Committee Meetings
(i) Committee Meetings shall be held as and when the Committee decide, but not fewer than five times annually.
(ii) The dates, times and locations shall, so far as possible, be decided following each Annual General Meeting and members shall receive a reminder from the Honorary Secretary at least seven days prior thereto, together with an agenda, a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting and other relevant documents. Resolutions shall be decided upon a show of hands and on a simple majority of those voting, with the Chairman of the meeting having a second and casting vote.
(iii) Five members, to include one of the Officers referred to in Rule 7(a) to (f), shall constitute a quorum at meetings of the Committee.
(iv) The current Head Boy and Head Girl of the School, former Head Boys and Head Girls of the School whilst they remain in full-time education and the Representatives of the Sporting Sections of the Society shall all be encouraged to attend Committee Meetings as observers and shall be entitled to express their views.

11. General Meetings
a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held during January in every year and the publication of the date thereof in the Newsletter, or by mail or e-mail to members, or by advertisement in a local newspaper, at least one month prior to the meeting, shall constitute proper notice.
b) The business of the meeting shall include:
(i) The receipt of reports from the Committee.
(ii) The consideration and adoption of the independently examined Annual statement of accounts and balance sheet, and approval of the annual subscription rate as recommended by the Committee.
(iii) The election of Officers and Committee Members.
(iv) The appointment of an Honorary Independent Examiner of Accounts.
c) A Special General Meeting may be convened either by resolution of the Committee, or upon a requisition of at least ten members who shall present written notice thereof to the Honorary Secretary. The Secretary shall forthwith convene a meeting of the Committee and, at such meeting, a date for the Special General Meeting shall be fixed, being not later than forty-two days after the receipt of the requisition. At least one month’s notice of the meeting shall be given to members in the manner prescribed in sub-paragraph (a) above.
d) The quorum at any General Meeting shall be eight, to include at least one officer, as provided in Rule 10 (iii) above.
e) Ordinary resolutions proposed at a General Meeting shall be decided upon by a show of hands and carried on a simple majority. Special resolutions (including those to amend the Rules or for dissolution) shall be decided by ballot and carried on a two-thirds majority of those present and voting (voting by proxy counting as an attendance). An abstention shall not count as a vote.
f) Casting Vote: In the event of an equality of votes at any General Meeting, the Chairman shall have a casting vote (in addition to any vote he may already have cast).
g) Any alteration or modification of these Rules may be effected only by a Special Resolution at a General Meeting properly convened and subject to the conditions of Rule 13.

12. Election of Officers
Candidates for office, having expressed their willingness to stand, shall be proposed and seconded at the Annual General Meeting and shall be elected by Ordinary Resolution.

13. Alterations to Rules
Any alteration to these Rules shall require a Special Resolution at a General Meeting. Notice in writing shall be given to the Honorary Secretary, setting out the proposed Rules or amendments thereto. Upon receipt of the notice, the Secretary shall arrange for the amendments to be debated at the next Committee Meeting and to be resolved at a General Meeting, to be convened in accordance with Rule 11, within three months of receipt of the notice.

14. Dissolution
The affairs of the Society may be wound-up following a Special Resolution passed at any General Meeting provided that such resolution enjoys a two-thirds majority of the members attending and voting at such meeting (an abstention not counting as a vote). In the event of such winding-up and after the discharge of outstanding liabilities, any surplus funds and assets shall pass to the King James’s School Foundation.

15. Voting by Proxy
Members not able to attend any General Meeting where a Special Resolution is to be proposed may cast their vote by proxy in the manner provided for by these rules. To be valid at the meeting, proxies (a copy of which will accompany the Newsletter or other form of Notice convening the meeting), must be signed and duly completed by the member. The proxy form shall be forwarded to the Honorary Secretary (a) by first class post (at the cost of the member), to arrive at least forty-eight hours before the time set for the meeting or, (b) within the same time limit as an attachment to an e-mail message.

16. By-Laws
By-laws may be passed by the Committee provided they do not conflict with these Rules.