Granada TV: ‘Youth Wants to Know’

In October 1957, the School was invited by Granada TV to join girls from Greenhead High School in an edition of their 'Youth Wants to Know' series in which schoolchildren had the opportunity to interview celebrities of the day. On this occasion, the guest was the author and playwright Wolf Mankovitz, and the panellists were (left to right): David Cliffe; Sally Coleman; Roger Dowling; Mary Binks; David Morphet; Elizabeth Horan. The chairman was Elaine Grand.

Chess Club

Mathematics master George Beach was an excellent chess player who was chairman of the School Chess Club for many years. In 1953, the postal chess team won by a large margin the Junior Postal Chess League, in competition with schools all over Great Britain. George Beach is shown here with the 1959 Chess Club.
Late 1950s

Aerial view of the School

This aerial view of the school by Airviews (Manchester) Ltd shows the school in the 1950s, with the gymnasium/assembly hall clearly identifiable on the left and the physics and chemistry laboratories in the centre. A group of pupils has been marshalled to spell out the initials AGS ('Almondbury Grammar School') on the tennis courts; one of these was Gerald Stead, as he recalls in his reminiscences in the Audio Archive.

School Orchestra

The Orchestra had a very successful year, winning the Edward Wood Cup (Under 17) at the Mrs Sunderland Musical Festival, and the York Brewster Cup (Under 16) and the RB Walker Memorial Rose Bowl (Under 19) at the Pontefract Festival..

Back row): N R Mann (violin); D A Coppell (clarinet); S M Priestley (flute); R J Calder (trombone); J N Chapman (cello); P A Shaw (clarinet); J L Hart (violin); A M Michel (violin)
(Middle row): P D Wilson (cello); M Priestley (violin); D V Kitchen (leader) (violin); G L Beach (conductor); D J Roebuck (piano); D T Beach (viola); J E Grayson (clarinet)
(Front row): R Batty (bassoon); C Duffy (timpani); M H Sellens (viola); John H Stafford (violin); T G Slater (violin); Julian R Stafford (violin); D G Slocombe (clarinet)
Absent: S Horner (clarinet); D F Ireland (clarinet); G Mosley (trumpet); R D Slater (trumpet)


The staff pose on a sunny day in 1967.

(Back row): Y M Etchevest (French Assistant); L Mallinson; R Wearing; R Beever; S Wroe; J E Kenyon; M P James; Mrs H M Hebblethwaite; C Hindley; A C Brown; C H Gill; K L W Ireland; R G Walker
(Front row): W Western; J P Toomey; G W Chapman; D A Bush; F S Hudson (Deputy Headmaster); H Taylor (Headmaster); J Taylor; P H Heywood; F J Bareham; G L Beach; W I Haigh

Harry Taylor

Harry Taylor, a graduate of St John's College, Oxford, became Headmaster in 1951. Avuncular but authoritative, he was to guide the School through an important period of its growth over the following 22 years.

A historian himself, he derived enormous pleasure from the rediscovery of the School Charter in 1952, soon after he arrived; as a great cricket-lover, the opening of the new Cricket Pavilion six years later was also an occasion of great pride.

He retired in 1973 but worked for the British Council for several years, giving help and advice to foreign students in Huddersfield; he also transcribed several volumes of the Almondbury Parish registers. In his spare time, he claimed to grow the best chrysanthemums in Huddersfield.

Harry Taylor's final Speech Day took place on 6th October 1972. At the time, the School's future was seriously in doubt, and he spoke movingly about this - and the School's many achievements - in his speech on this occasion. Click on the player below to hear his speech.

Cricket field

This scene, evocative of Constables's 'The Haywain', shows a corner of the school cricket field on a sunny autumnal day around 1980. A soccer pitch goalpost is visible in the field beyond, and the school buildings can be seen in the far distance.