The Staff of 1948 pose for a group photograph in front of the Schoolhouse

Back row): N L Bradbury; F A Whalley; J E Dyson; H Binns; W I Haigh; F J Bareham; J F W Newton
(Front row): F S Hudson; E Akroyd; J L Hopton; H Blackburn; J M Baldwin; L C Ash; R Addy; H Gledhill; T C Calloway

Old Almondburians Soccer XI

The Old Almondburians finished the 1949/50 season near the top of the West Riding Old Boys League. The most memorable game was at Beckett's Park, Leeds against the Teachers Training College; their inside right was Bill Slater, later to play for Wolverhampton Wanderers and for England in 1954. Perhaps not surprisingly, the Old Almondburians lost.

Back row): George Brodie; Eric Lee; ?; Phil Wade; ?; David Lee
(Front row): ?; George Drummond; Donald Ward; ?; Ron Edwards; ?.

Big Tree Yard

It's interesting to compare this view of the School yard with the one taken in 1937 (inset), just before the major pre-war building work was carried out to provide more modern laboratories, additional classrooms, a new entrance and a gymnasium/assembly room. Only the big tree remains (the exposed roots are just visible on the extreme left in the 1937 photo), now encircled by a slatted seat. On the right are the new physics and chemistry labs, with N1, N2, N3, a new staff room and an art room above. The building to the left of the new entrance is the changing room and shower area for the gymnasium/assembly room beyond.

Retirement of Leonard Ash

Leonard Ash ('Foz') retired at the end of 1953 after some 33 years' dedicated service as modern languages teacher. From 1932 to 1939 he was secretary of the Old Boys' Society and in this picture, taken at the Old Almondburians' Dinner in 1954, he was presented with a pair of candlesticks in recognition of his services to the School and the Society.

(Left to right): J Priestley; Leonard Ash; W E Holmes; Harry Taylor (Headmaster)

Founders’ Day

The procession of staff and pupils from the School to Almondbury Parish Church was a feature of the annual Founders' Day service. The procession was traditionally led by the Headmaster (here, Harry Taylor) accompanied by his staff in gowns and mortar boards.

(key): 1. Harry Taylor 2. John Baldwin 3. Chris Perraton 4. Albert Makinson
5. Edward Akroyd  6. Leonard Ash 7. Cyril Haigh 8. George Beach


The Staff of 1955 pose for a group photograph in Fenay Quad
(Back row): D M J Hockley; J W Rennison; A Makinson; F J Bareham; K L W Ireland
(Middle row): C J Perraton; C Haigh; J D Thomas; W Western; F Anderson; J P Toomey; Mrs Bungeroth; F C Bungeroth
(Front row): E Akroyd; G L Beach; F S Hudson; H Taylor; W I Haigh; R Addy; H Gledhill

Bill Rennison joined King James's Grammar School from St John's College, Oxford in 1954 to teach history. He lost no time in proposing a School Scout Troop, the investiture of which - as 46th Huddersfield troop - took place on 9th March 1955 with himself as Scout Master and Jim Toomey as Assistant Scout Master. This photograph shows Toomey and Rennison with the troop of 1959.