The Pageant in 1936
The 1936 School Pageant was part of a much larger Almondbury Pageant and Carnival, organised in June 1936 to raise money for the Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Victoria Nurses‘ Association. There was also a secondary motive: to remind the 'daughter' town of Huddersfield of Almondbury's historic importance and to generate civic pride in the ancient township.

The event took place in those uncomplicated pre-war days when 'ICES, CHOCOLATES and CIGARETTES' were available for purchase on the Pageant Field, when a full-page advertisement ‘FOR ALL SMOKER’S (sic) REQUISITES - VISIT EMMA DAY' in support of a hospital was thought in no way incongruous and when you could buy a new house in Benomley Road for just £425.

A selection of pages from the official Almondbury Pageant brochure is shown below. The cover drawing was by King James‘s Grammar School Art Master Edward Akroyd, an early example of his many artistic services to the School and the local community.