The ‘Big’ and the Schoolhouse

One of the earliest drawings in our collection, this is the work of Rev W Foxley Norris, a governor of the school from 1889-1901. A former vicar of the parish of Almondbury, he later became Dean of Westminster.
A view along the back of the School

There were only open fields behind the School when this view was drawn by Roger Sykes in the 1950s.
Fenay Quad on a sunny afternoon

An attractive scraper board drawing by Brian Littlewood shows Fenay Quad - a part of the School that has changed little over the years.
The Library and Chemistry Lab

Brian Littlewood's 1950s drawing shows the Library (formerly the "Big") and the Chemistry laboratory with geography room N3 above, part of the school extensions undertaken in 1939.
The Schoolhouse

One of the oldest parts of the School, dating back to the 1700s, the Schoolhouse was the private residence of the Headmaster until Taylor Dyson's retirement in 1945.
The new Cricket Pavilion in 1958

The Cricket Pavilion was opened by the Countess of Scarbrough on 5th June 1958, replacing the old wooden hut which had previously served for many years.
The Library and tennis courts

This pen and ink drawing from the 1950s by Brian Littlewood shows the side of the Library and, to the right, the two tennis courts which ran along the front of the school.
Steps alongside the tennis courts

L. Sheard of 4 alpha made this 1950 scraperboard drawing of the steps alongside the tennis courts leading up to the Schoolhouse.
The old School entrance

This drawing by Edward Akroyd shows the original entrance to the School, in the days when the present ODH was the Schoolroom. Beyond is the old wooden dining room where there were two 'sittings' each lunchtime. The structure remains today but has been faced in stone and is used as a Fifth Form Common Room.
A view of the School from Farnley Line

Gavin Kane was responsible for this scraper board drawing showing the 1950s school buildings as viewed from Farnley Line.