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The Old Almondburians
PAT REID (1975-97)
Pat Reid moved to King James's from Wakefield High School for Girls, originally intending to stay for perhaps a few years before moving on elsewhere. In the event, she became so captived by the School, its location and its pupils that she remained for the rest of her teaching career right up to her retirement in 1997.

A mathematics teacher, she initially worked alongside George Beach and subsequently Bill Chapman. In due course she headed the mathematics department and also became Deputy Head.

In her retirement, Pat is kept very busy as the School's official archivist, cataloguing the vast - and still expanding - number of photographs, drawings and cuttings recording the history of the School over 400 years. She is also a talented watercolour painter: one of her paintings can be glimpsed in the corner of this photograph.

Recorded on 4 April 2007
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