The Old Almondburians' Society
The Old Almondburians
The School Orchestra in 1965-6
The Orchestra had a very successful year, winning the Edward Wood Cup (under 17) at the Mrs Sunderland Musical Festival, and the York Brewster Cup (Under 16) and RB Walker Memorial Rose Bowl (Under 19) at the Pontefract Festival.
(Back row): N R Mann (violin); D A Coppell (clarinet); S M Priestley (flute); R J Calder (trombone); J N Chapman (cello); P A Shaw (clarinet); J L Hart (violin); A M Michel (violin)

(Middle row): P D Wilson (cello); M Priestley (violin); D V Kitchen (leader) (violin); G L Beach (conductor); D J Roebuck (piano); D T Beach (viola); J E Grayson (clarinet)

(Front row): R Batty (bassoon); C Duffy (timpani); M H Sellens (viola); J H Stafford (violin); T G Slater (violin); T G Slater (violin); D G Slocombe (clarinet)

Absent: S Horner (clarinet); D F Ireland (clarinet); G Moseley (trumpet); R D Slater (trumpet)