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JEREMY MEAL (1969-76)
Jeremy Meal has an unusual claim to fame: no few than four other members of the Meal family attended King James's Grammar School: his father Peter; his uncle Brian, his brother David and his cousin Tim.

Even in his schooldays, Jeremy took a keen interest in public transport in general and Huddersfield trolley buses in particular. It was not, therefore, surprising that having left School to study Georgraphy at Oxford University (where he obtained his BA degree) he found himself working for Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport Executive (now Nexus).

After a spell with Busways Travel Services Ltd (now Stagecoach), he moved in 1990 to his present company MVA, the UK's leading consultancy for transport planning, business consulting, social and market research, GIS and transport information technology. As Director of Smart Card and Ticketing Strategies, he has played a leading role in the introduction of ITSO (Intergrated Transport Systems Organisation) ticketing systems in the UK.

Recorded on 17 October 2011
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