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Jeff Taylor became an amateur soccer player with Huddersfield Town while still at school in 1943. After National Service from 1947-1949, he gained a BA (Hons) degree in Geography/Geology at University College, London, funding his studies by turning professional with Huddersfield Town in a debut match against Chelsea. As he was studying in London, he welcomed the opportunity in due course to transfer to Fulham in 1952. He then spent three years with Brentford before retiring from football in 1958.

Having become deeply involved in music making while at university, Jeff spent five years studying at the Royal Academy of Music in parallel with his footballing activities. His retirement from football presented the opportunity to embark on a successful career as the singer Neilson Taylor, making many radio and television broadcasts, appearing at Glyndebourne with Glyndebourne Opera Company and at Covent Garden. In 1974, he was appointed Professor of Singing at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama whilst continuing as a top performer on radio and television.

Jeff retired from RSAMD in 1992 but continued to teach privately at the highest level. Sadly, he died in December 2010 at the age of 80.

Recorded on 5 March 2007
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