The Old Almondburians' Society
The Old Almondburians
Graham Cliffe studied Law at the University of Manchester and initially trained as a solicitor. In 1988 he became County Court Registrar, a function which in due course became designated District Judge, and in 2000 he was appointed a Circuit Judge. Today, he is a designated Family Judge for York and North Yorkshire, specialising in family law issues but also undertaking some civil cases. He played a leading role in the legal action which led to the setting up the King James's School Foundation which has assets generating many thousands of pounds each year to uphold and honour the status of the School.

Graham is a former chairman of the Old Almondburians' Society who has the distinction of living within a stone's (or possibly a cricket ball's) throw of the School cricket field at the top of Arkenley Lane.

Recorded on 4 December 2006
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