The Old Almondburians' Society
The Old Almondburians
The Cross-Country Team in 1947-8
The Cross-Country Team poses with Headmaster John Baldwin in 1948. Derek Ibbotson, sitting sitting next to PT Master Harry Binns, was the greatest runner the school has ever produced:he won a bronze medal in the 5000 metres event at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956 (competing against Kuts and Pirie) and broke the world record for the mile in a time of 3 min. 57.2 sec. in 1957.
(Back row): Burns; B Townsend; D K Ward

(Front row): D Sykes; Bostock; R B Yates; Headmaster; Harry Binns; D Ibbotson; E N Mitchell; G Gothard

The 'Big'