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After KJGS and university Bryan wanted to travel but had no money, so he went into the Diplomatic Service and had a routine career abroad until in 1995 he was asked if he would be prepared to serve as Ambassador in Sarajevo. At the age of 38 I jumped at the chance and found it a fascinating experience seeing Bosnia through the transition from war to something quieter.

He then became a freelance contractor to various international organisations including the International Crisis Group, an independent body offering political analysis and policy advice to governments. For them he established an office in Kosovo immediately after the NATO bombings of 1999 - it was a time of lawlessness, where revenge in the form of arson and murder went unpunished.

Bryan then moved on to Montenegro in 2000 and more recently became a member of the UN administration in Kosovo .

Bryan is now back in the UK, living in Huddersfield.

Recorded on 3 October 2007
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