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BILL BRAIDE (1936-39)
Now 96 years of age, Bill Braide was born in Warrington. He took a degree in English Language and Literature at Liverpool University before taking up an initial appointment at Ballymena Academy in Northern Ireland. Having family connections with Huddersfield, he was delighted when a vacancy at King James's occurred in 1936 and had a successful interview with Taylor Dyson in Huddersfield Town Hall.

Bill Braide talks extensively about his three years at the School, which he describes as the happiest of his whole teaching career. In particular, he remembers his colleagues from that time, including Taylor Dyson himself, Walter Haigh, Leonard Ash, Edward Akroyd, Reg Addy, Fred Hudson and many others.

Bill left King James's in 1939 to take up a position at Hanson Boys' High School, Bradford (where Fred Hudson and his brothers had been educated). He subsequently moved into Further Education and spent the major part of his career with the Inner London Education Authority where he held many senior positions.

Recorded on 7 April 2010
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