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ALLAN DOBSON (1947-53)
To the profound concern of his parents Allan Dobson left King James's to become an apprentice at Washpit Mill in Holmfirth. After 18 months he then joined the RAF to undertake his National Service as a radar mechanic based near Dover and later near Bridlington.

Having decided that his parents were right and that 'life at t'mill' was not for him, he then joined the National Coal Board at Horbury to become an Opencast Executive (known in those days as a 'sunshine collier'). Then followed three years with Leeds City Engineers Department as a highways engineer, after which he joined JGL Poulson (Architects) where he spent six years in the 1960s.

Having moved progressively into business development management, Allan worked in this capacity with a number of large construction companies including Wimpey and Balfour Beatty, before retiring in 2001.

Allan's father, Gerald Dobson, was a boarder at King James's from 1916 and later played a prominent role in the struggle to preserve the School's grammar school status in the late 1940s. Allan himself earned his place in the history of the School as a member of a small group of pupils who rediscovered the School Charter at a Yorkshire Archaeological Society exhibition in 1952.

Recorded on 3 October 2007
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